How to Enter

Develop a Live Animal Test for Early Detection of Chronic Wasting Disease

Phase 1: Design Paper

The Design Paper phase invites all eligible contestants to submit a concept paper outlining their team’s proposed solution, approach, capabilities, knowledge and skills for this challenge.

Participants’ Design Papers will be reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts who will select up to seven participants for awards. Awardees will receive a) an invitation to Phase 2;

b ) up to $10,000 to assist in developing their rapid tests for Phase 2; and c) USDA-ARS technical resources to enable the development of the test and application for a product license from the Center for Veterinary Biologics, USDA-APHIS.

How to Enter

Review the Official Rules and resources provided on the challenge website. By the May 7 deadline, submit a design paper through the challenge website.

  • Register for the challenge by completing the registration form.
  • Review the USDA-ARS provided resources in the ‘Resources’ tab on the challenge website.
  • Complete the submission requirements for the Design Paper phase.
  • Submit the required Design Paper as your entry on the challenge website.

Phase 1: Submission Requirements

Cover Page and Abstract (1 page)

  • Participant’s Name (Team, Organization or Company Name) and list of individual team member(s).
  • Participant’s Location (City, State/Region and Country).
  • Team Logo.
  • Official Representative and their preferred contact information (including email, phone, and physical mailing address).
  • Abstract (500-word MAXIMUM): The unique aspects of the participant’s approach and the potential impact that the proposed approach could have in achieving the goals of the challenge.

Project Description (8 pages max; if included, a list of citations is not included in this page limit)

  • Describe the development plan including the test format, components, parameters, and development timeline.
  • Provide cost estimates for testing (e.g., per animal) and test manufacture (all components and reagents).
  • The project description should specifically address the scoring criteria. 

Optional Visual Aid (1-2 pages, 2-3 minutes long)

  • An optional visual aid to supplement the submission, such as a short video or another visualization.

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